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Reduce Your Risk Exposure With A Comprehensive Mental & Behavioral Assessment Program

Injuries severe enough to keep an employee home for at least a week almost tripled the combined risk of suicide and drug overdose deaths. The BRE program can identify the early warning signs to allow for intervention and prevent a wrongful death lawsuit. 


"Consistent assessment of our patients' mental and behavioral health with the BRE program helps correlate their total well-being into treatment plans and reduce dependency on medications such as opioids." 

Mark C. Hines, M.D.

Pain Management Physician

Comprehensive Understanding of How Mental & Behavioral Health is Affecting Outcomes

BRE offers a comprehensive understanding of the claimant's mental health status, including any pre-existing conditions, psychological factors, and potential barriers to recovery. This information helps providers gain a deeper insight into the claimant's overall well-being and enables them to develop more targeted and effective treatment plans.

A claimant with a work-related physical injury is likely to be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety. Recognizing and addressing these co-occurring conditions is crucial for providing holistic care and achieving optimal outcomes.

Why You Need To Implement BRE In Your Practice

Clinical Value

Eighty-five percent of patients with chronic pain suffer from severe depression. Physicians and providers need to understand how a patient's mental and behavioral health is affecting their treatment plan, especially when medication management is part of that plan. BRE assessments provide a comprehensive picture of the patient's mental and behavioral health and identify early warning signs of potential risks.

Mitigate Risk

Recent studies studies have shown that injured workers have elevated rates of opioid use and depression. In fact, depression is among the most well-documented health consequences of workplace injury. Studies show that workplace injury significantly raises a person’s risk of suicide or overdose death, placing physicians squarely in the crosshairs for wrongful death due to failure to diagnose the patient's mental and behavioral health during treatment.

Income Generation

Insurers support assessing claimants for mental and behavioral health on a monthly basis to provide a holistic understanding of treatment efficacy. Most insurers pay 2-5x of Medicare reimbursement, which can generate significant income and profit for your practice. BRE assists you in justifying the need to assess your patients, documents the outcomes for insurers, and helps reduce the length and cost of the claim benefiting employees and insurers.

Understanding Opioids Impact on Recovery

The impact of opioids on workers' compensation claims can be significant, and BRE behavioral health assessments can play a crucial role in addressing this issue. BRE identifies individuals at risk of opioid misuse or addiction early in the claims process. By screening for mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and risk factors, appropriate interventions and treatment plans can be initiated promptly.

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Life and Death In Workers' Comp

Injuries severe enough to keep an employee home for at least a week almost TRIPLED the combined risk of SUICIDE and OVERDOSE DEATH among women and fifty percent among men.

Increased Suicide & Overdose Death With Workers' Comp 

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