Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to these FAQ's,  Learn More about the BRE program and how it benefits physicians and patients.

How Do My Patients Benefit?
What Kind Of Patients Benefit Most?
Is this Just a Glorified Assessment Program We Could Do Ourselves?
How Does The Program Work In Detail?
What Is The Difference Between The BRE Program And A Do-It Yourself System?
How Does The BRE Program Track Patient Progress?
How Much Work Does The Billing Provider Have To Do?
How Much Time Will The Program Take?
How Much Space Will The Program Take?
Who Implements The Program?
How Do You Know Insurance Will Reimburse?
How Much Do You Receive In Reimbursement For The Average Patient?
How Does BRE Address The Mental Health Component For Care Differently?
Is There Insurance Billing Support?
What Is Included In The Program?
What Kind Of Target Patient Volume Is Required To Participate
How Long Does It Take To Begin?
How Long Do I Have To Commit To The Program?
How Many Patients Can Start The Program Per Day?
Is The BRE Program Compatible With My EHR?
How Much Money Can I Make?
What Insurance Companies Pay For The Program?
How Much Does It Cost?
Can I Be A Financial Sponsor And How Much Does That Cost?
How Am I As A Client Protected From Insurance Reclaims

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